Preview Edition #130: 10 Platforms Compared

62 Finalists announced for Sephora Squad

Executive Summary

  • 10 Platforms compared.

  • Epic Games tops in YouTube Influencer Spending.

  • 62 Sephora Squad Finalists Announced

  • Influencer posts slightly outperform UGC.

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I wanted to announce some new things going on but they are taking longer than expected to get prepared. I’ll keep you up to date as I have more to share.

Look for a new iteration of Influence Weekly soon. It’ll have a searchable library, agency database and trend reports.

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Here’s all I have so far…

A bit more to nibble on:

Here’s the old agency database I’m updating.

and the searchable Library.

Note: These are both the old versions that are more than a year outdated. Will be updated soon.

I’m thinking of charging $1k a year for access and deeper trend reports.

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Enjoy the preview:

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