Influence Weekly Talking Points #105: HYPR


Talking Points is the podcast that takes you inside of agencies while they discuss the highlights and takeaways in Influence Weekly. What’s going on in the Influencer Marketing industry this week….. we’ll find out.

HYPR is back as guest hosts this week of Talking Points.

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Gil and Kayli from HYPRBrands walks you through the newsletter’s highlights.

Show Notes

HYPRBrands’ Tik Tok Survey, asks…Is Tik Tok really a big deal?

  • They find a stark difference when looking at different age groups. Overall over 60% of users don’t use TikTok, where as over 60% of Gen Z spends a ton of time on TikTok.

  • YouTube is the only platform that is rated as a non-toxic place. 97% spend some time on YouTube.

  • It’s one thing to say that Instagram and TikTok have a big market share. It’s fair to say that many are not spending a lot of time on TikTok

    Akira Coffee

  • This Is really cool because we’re seeing brands built around Influencers instead of influencers promoting brands.

    42 Statistics

  • For Gil the most surprising was: 93% of influencers have never been asked to verify they don’t have fake followers.

    Best quote of the episode

  • Influencer marketing can’t expand unless it shows impact on sales.

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Thanks to Gil and Kayli for hosting!

Is ROI the #1 Challenge for Influencer Marketing?


I collected an epic list of 42 stats that show the power of Influencer Marketing. The stats all come from reports I’ve featured in Influence Weekly emails in the past two years.

Download the 42 Stats

While compiling that list I found this stunning similarity… or discrepancy between two surveys of marketers done in early 2019.

Two reports claim that ROI is the top challenge for Influencer Marketing Marketers. But it turns out that in one study 52% of marketers surveyed answered ROI while in another survey of marketers 28% of the marketers answered ROI.

In both studies, ROI is the top answer. It’s #1. But in one, there are almost twice as many responses for ROI than in the other survey.

How could this be?

I wanted to get to the bottom of this and figure out how could two surveys ask the same question to seemingly the same types of people. And get very different answers, yet the same answer. What is the discrepancy and why does it matter?

Listen to the audio note along with this email to learn my take on this discrepancy.

Check out the three on the right which make up the difference….

I think this is where the difference lies.

What is the root cause of a ROI Challenge?

  1. Pricing

  2. Measurement

  3. Attribution

Thank you,

Andrew Kamphey

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Preview: Influence Weekly #105

Talking Points #104: Brendan Gahan and Jason Harris

  • Nike’s losing to Fashion Nova.

  • A farmer’s making more from his YouTube than his crops.

  • Influencer’s aren’t even calling themselves Influencers!

This week’s guest hosts, Jason Harris and Brendan Gahan from Mekanism, discuss all the highlights from Influence Weekly #104.

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Show Notes

  • Why don’t Influencers call themselves Influencers?

  • 93% of Influencers never been asked if they have fake followers.

Get all 42 Stats About Influencer Marketing here.

  • Brendan points out tons of growth across creators and channels, Year over year.

  • Millennial Farmer shows us a great creator outside of the mold of Kardashians.

  • Tribe Dynamics shows the EMV for the top Apparel brands in October.

  • Fashion Nova is killing it with influencer marketing, Double the EMV of Nike in 2nd place.

  • Fiverr is leaning into an existing audience with their Influencer Store.

  • Use all the 42 stats to sell influencer marketing to brands or your friends.

Get all 42 Stats About Influencer Marketing here.

Check out Jason’s book is The Soulful Art of Persuasion

Influence Weekly, Special Preview #104

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