Jun 26, 2019 • 27M

Talking Points #81: Open Influence

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Talking Points takes you inside an agency’s offices to find out what’s going on in Influencer Marketing. What do they learn from this week’s news and how are they implementing the changes in the influencer marketing industry.

Guests: Eric Dahan, CEO Open Influence & Maggie Reznikoff, Head of Account Management, West Coast.

Company Link: Open Influence

Issues Link: Issue #81


InfluencerDB’s Study: Download the report here.

  • Fashion is leading the pack in sponsorships. (~30%)

  • Eric is Surprised to see how many repost accounts were most popular.

  • Maggie is not surprised at all at the popularity of repost accounts around interests.

  • Two thirds of EMV is in the 2nd half of the year.

Car Dealers got sued.

  • Don’t promise what you can’t offer.

  • Eric: Advertisers sometimes miss the point about transparency.

  • Eric: Consumers are sophisticated.

  • Maggie: Short-sighted strategy to deceive. Clients turn to use to counsel them on honest advertising practices.

Philip Morris suspends influencer marketing after questions are raised about the ages of its influencers.

  • Maggie: Following regulations is important.

  • Maggie: Clients have needed influencers who look 25+, but actually ask for 30+.

  • Eric: In some regulated industries, we’re doing background checks.

Gun influencers on Instagram are a boon to gun companies 

  • Vox’s gun industry article went through how brands are doing influencer marketing in this regulated industry.

  • Eric: There’s an influencer for everything.

  • Eric: Are these creators pigeon-holing themselves?

  • Maggie: Even brands who aren’t about “brand-safe” want us to vet the influencers so much.

  • Maggie: Nobody holds back about criticizing brand about how they go to market.

  • Maggie and Eric: Disclosure needs to happen.


  • Maggie: Ambassadors and steady drum beats are asked for, more and more.

  • Eric: Everyone starts at looking for big name celebs. But they don’t have the sam impact.

  • Eric: There’s a lot of leg work to deal with micro-influencers. There’s a shift to micro and also mid-tail.

  • Maggie: Middle Level group gets you reach and economics.

82% of Gen Z teenagers skip ads and more than 50% use technology to block ads

  • 70% of internet users relate more to youtubers than traditional celebrities.

  • Eric: For Marketers, it requires a big shift in thinking.

  • Maggie: Gen Z has a trained eye for sponsored posts. Needs to be authentic.

Influencer ads more 'emotionally intense' and memorable than TV claims neuroscience study

  • Maggie: Influencer ads are more impactful.

What’s not in the Newsletter

  • Facebook’s Libra

  • Eric: Facebook, a social platform, will now turn into a transactional platform. FB and IG.

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