Jun 12, 2019 • 29M

Talking Points: Influence Weekly #79

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The audio version of the weekly newsletter Influence Weekly.
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Talking Points is a new format of podcast. I, the editor, hand over the commentary to a company with at least 2 readers working together. You the listener get insights from inside the industry. What’s the reaction to the news? What are we learning day to day?

This week’s guests are Harry and Esme of The Goat Agency.

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Talking Points Show Notes

Issue Link: Issue #79

Guest Company: The Goat Agency

Co-Founder Harry Hugo and Marketing Manager Esme Rice.

Altimeter Report to spend 25% of budget on Influencer Marketing

  • “yeah we’ve been saying this for 4 years”

  • Even though we’re an Influencer Marketing Agency, we never say you should only spend on Influencer Marketing.

  • 80% of Influencers don’t work. We’re here to advise, and educate.

  • Marketing at the top level, are done by rogue statistics.

G2 State of Social Media Report

  • Harry correctly guessed Facebook and Instagram as the top choice of marketers.

  • Facebook’s got groups

  • Where’s Tik Tok? Athletes have adopted it.

  • Nobody talks about Pinterest, but it’s so powerful. 50% of audience over 35 y/o.


  • Influencers getting away from just a name on a hat.


  • The Goat Agency’s own clients make it into the newsletter this week.

  • Harry riffs on a great company that uses Influencer marketing to drive 2x ROI.

  • they make 2 pounds of sales for every 1 pound of investment.

What’s Not in the Newsletter

  • Cannes!

  • Cannes is including more awards that cater to influencer agencies.

  • We (Goat Agency) learned lessons from last year’s Cannes to not over do meetings.

  • check out their Cannes Hangover podcast from The Goat Agency.

  • https://twitter.com/thegoatagency