Jun 21, 2019 • 18M

Talking Points: Influence Weekly #80

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Talking Points is a new type of podcast. I, the editor, hand over the commentary to a company with at least 2 readers working together. You the listener get insights from inside the industry. What’s the reaction to the news? What are we learning day to day?

Last Week’s guests The Goat Agency can be heard here.

Issue Link: Issue #80

Guest Company: The QYOU

Guests: Glenn Ginsburg, SVP Global Partnerships, & Arvind Jayaram, Director of Brand Partnerships.

This weeks’ guests are Glenn and Arvind of The QYOU


Influencer Fraud: Everything You Need To Know

  • Glenn agrees as more money flows in, there’s more impetus for fraudsters.

  • Arvind’s point is that this occurs on every type of advertising platform.

  • Glenn and Arvind, get the question of how they work around fraud.

  • Glenn points out that they have processes in house and don’t see much or any fraud.

  • We as a middle-man, facilitator, must ensure that the views or KPIs are accurate.

Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report 2019

  • Arvind’s Takeaways: 7 of the top ten companies are tech companies. Ecommerce is now 15% of retails sales. CAC is going up!

  • Glenn’s Takeaways: So much growth in time spent in digital media. Tools for creators are more robust. Better cameras, better wifi. This helps creators cement relationships with fans. Disintermediation of media companies.

  • “We’re in the right business.” - Glenn

The Biggest Kidfluencers You Need to Know

  • “I learned Ryan’sToyReviews last name” - Arvind

  • We’ve worked with EvanTubeHD on a campaign (Nut Job 2). Really professional when doing business. They help incorporate the brand message into their work.

  • There’s a lot more than on this list who are great influencers and kids.

  • “The challenge with kidfluencers is that they get older… and a ton of competition” - Glenn

Saskatoon Transit issued a request for proposals (RFP) for an Instagram social media influencer campaign

  • “Makes a lot of sense.” - Glenn

  • Youtubers are driving foot traffic to restaurants.

The most popular social media networks each year, gloriously animated

  • “Super Cool” - Glenn

  • The music has gravitas.

  • Check out the rise of TikTok at the end.

  • We’ve loved working on TikTok. The ability for the community to make content on these campaigns is great.

  • “There’s no other agency that has made as many large campaigns as The QYOU” - Glenn

  • TikTok Influencers play a key role. User don’t just watch, but also create their own. Campaigns have seen Hundreds of thousands of UGC.

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