Aug 15, 2019 • 19M

Talking Points #88: InfluencerDB and Social Standard

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This week’s Guest Hosts are Brian Reitz from InfluencerDB, and Jonathan Chanti from The Social Standard.

The cut through the noise and give you the best points.

Show Notes


  • Things in Digital Media are becoming more practical.

High-Performing Stories

  • Just a few principles to keep in mind.

    1. Authentic and Organic

    2. What message am I creating?

    3. What content is my audience engaging with.

Dallas Influencers

  • It’s good to see people from Dallas highlighted.

  • Audience is gravitating towards those who are inspiring them.

Instagram’s Meme Liason

  • Memes are even more than ever on the rise. (the data shows it)

  • Content is King.

Check out both Social Standard and InfluencerDB for data driven approach to Influencer Marketing.