Jul 4, 2019 • 14M

Talking Points #82: The Beauty Influencers

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Each week I curate a batch of articles around Influencer Marketing. And you hear my take during The Takeaway. Talking Points is the podcast I hand over to you, the reader, to share your viewpoints on the trends and news of the week.

Get inside the minds of agencies and those working day to day in Influencer Marketing.

Today's guest hosts are Christine and George from The Beauty Influencers. Their lens on influencer marketing comes from a long career in the beauty industry. They cherry pick the beauty articles and discuss their own projects expanding on the topics.

Follow along as they comment on issue #82.

Guests: George and Christine from TheBeautyInfluencers.com

Show Notes

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Social Publi’s Fashion Influencer Survey

  • Instagram and Pinterest and 21 Buttons are the top used platforms for inspiration

  • @soberyungwalter uses Tumblr

  • 50% Fashion purchases are in store.

  • Walter mentioned that online he’s looking at 3rd party apps.

  • George: TheRealReal is on the public exchange and up 40%.

  • Favorite designers are Off White and Gucci.

Transgender Creators Find A Home On YouTube But Challenges Remain.

  • George: The first company to embrace inclusivity was MAC.

  • Christine: It’s always important to have a home.

  • George: We’re not even scratching the surface.

  • Christine: There’s much more that needs to be discussed around Mental Health.

YouTube Invests In Augmented Reality For Beauty Influencers

  • George: MAC was the first to do Point of Sale AR.

Instashop: How Instagram wants to ‘connect the dots’ from users to retailers

  • Christine: There’s more coming from Instagram.

  • George: Supply chain nightmares.

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