Influence Weekly: The Takeaway #85


Welcome to the audio version of Influence Weekly. This week’s edition took a unique turn because it’s the week after Vidcon! The biggest event in the online video world and I, your editor, have attended the past 4 years. This year for the first time in a while I found myself on the other side of the world. To keep up I’ve covered numerous wrap ups and round up and takeaway articles from this Year’s attendees. They range from journalists sent by their editors, to industry insiders.

The original newsletter sent on Friday can be found here: Influence Weekly 85.

Below is an additional roundup that I missed in the newsletter on Friday.

Taylor Lorenz’s Vidcon Roundup

One segment of the adult population that does seem to realize the importance of TikTok is brand marketers. At an industry event on Wednesday night, a group of advertisers discussed the ways brands are using the app with enthusiasm, touting the connections they had made within the company.

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