Sep 26, 2019 • 29M

Influence Weekly Talking Points #94

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Today’s Guest Hosts are Tony Tran, CEO of Lumanu, and Natalie Silverstein, VP, Brand Marketing and Culture at Collectively Inc.


  • Tony’s Trends: I see the maturation of Influencer Marking and Retail Evolution.

  • One camp talks about rise of micro-influencers and the other talks about repeatable activations.

  • Natalie: Makes sense to build ambassadorships.

  • Creators are not just an asset you can have a transactional relationship with.

  • Advertisement creates culture and responds to culture.

  • Tony: There’s no one size fits all.

  • Natalie: We’re dealing with every niche imaginable.

  • Tony: What works for ads, doesn’t work as influencer ads.

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