Aug 7, 2019 • 26M

Influence Weekly Talking Points #87: Kynship

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Welcome to Talking Points, where an agency brings you inside, not just their office, but also their minds.

Today’s Guest Hosts are Reed Naliboff and Taylor Lagace of Kynship.

Follow along as they analyze the news from Edition #87 of Influence Weekly.


Hidden Likes on Instagram

  • Likes may have led to influencers creating content they didn’t initially set out to create.

  • This could lead to a more authentic experience on Instagram.

  • Will lead to short-term stress, anxiety, chaos, but should come out better.

Farmers on YouTube

  • Farmer Zach Johnson is making 5x revenue on YouTube than by farming.

  • Brands have a great opportunity to jump on this trend early.

  • 59% of farmers watch YouTube.

Influencers x Coffee

  • Akira Coffee Co partners with Influencers to launch their own coffee brands.

  • Akira’s profitable every quarter.

Chipotle Campaign on TikTok

  • Growth on TikTok is crazy.

  • This campaign is really awesome to be about the lid, not the food.

Creator Growth Lab

  • Andrew who edits Influence Weekly put this out.

  • Any tool to help you grow is useful.

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