Jul 24, 2019 • 22M

Influence Weekly Talking Points #85: HYPR

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Today’s guests are Gil & Kayli of HYPR.

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Talking points is the podcast that readers of Influence Weekly take over and share their insights. You have a special episode this week because Gil, of Hypr, has his own stats on the Influencer Marketing job market that he will share. Kayli and Gil go through the trends and insights from working deep in the Influencer Marketing field.

Show Notes

YouTube Stars on IGTV

  • Gil: Instagram didn’t have this in mind, and it’s probably not good for Influencers. YouTube has taken liberty with demonetization because there’s nowhere to go.

Cheeseboard Trend

  • Gil: I’ve been into cheeseboards for 40 years.

  • Kayli: This article is relevant. I have friends who are Cheeseboard influencers.

  • Kayli: At Hypr we measure audience health.

Vidcon Insights

  • Gil: Lots of competition in Livestream, Shortform Video. As marketers, this gives us a ton of options and ability to price discriminate.

  • Kayli: I’m a cousin of Jojo Siwa, and she was on a top 20 influential list. Built her following mainly with young generation.

  • Gil: My son in starting a class on making your own YouTube channel.

  • Gil: I smirk when I hear “Be Authentic”. I think you just have to Be Different.

  • Kayli: That authenticity takes work. Emma Chamberlain spends 70 hours a week editing her videos.

Trust Insights

  • Gil: We trust people like us.

  • Kayli: I think about purchases I made, and I didn’t buy from Glossier until I saw some content by a buyer.

  • Gil: Don’t mistake Fame for Influence.

Traditional Metrics

  • Gil: How do we ensure that your campaign is effective? There’s a fear to measure against normal marketing metrics.

  • Kayli: Top challenge is to find the influencers, and the 2nd is measuring.

Jobs in Influencer Marketing

  • Gil: 7,700 Influencer Marketing jobs on Indeed. up from 0 in early 2015.

Check out Hypr at hyprbrands.com